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Policies and forms

Mission statement

The mission of New Hampshire Fastbreak is to provide highly qualified and motivated coaches to teach fundamental and advanced basketball to boys between the ages of 9 and 19. We strive to provide a competitive, dedicated, supportive and disciplined team environment to young athletes who desire the opportunity to play advanced basketball and be competitive on a national level.

Playing time

Playing time is not always guaranteed, All players will be a contributing member of the team. Players shall learn and be properly challenged during practice. This setting will provide the opportunities for players to be ready for game time. As players play during game time situations they can demonstrate basketball skills and enhance their role within the team. All players will receive playing time; however, some players may receive more playing time than others. The amount of time that a player earns during a game is determined by several factors which include; having a "hot hand", match-ups, foul trouble, attitude, attendance at practices and games. Every coach will try his or her best to play your child through the course of a weekend. However AAU is a very competitive league and we must field the best team possible to be competitive.



  • Parents should remain seated in the spectator area during the contest.
  • Parents should be advised not to yell instructions or criticize the children.
  • Parents should be strongly advised not to make derogatory comments to players or other parents of the opposing team, to officials, or to league administrators.
  • Parents should be encouraged to cheer for all kids from both teams, regardless of what the other parents do. Good sportsmanship means going beyond the written rules.
  • Parents should not interfere with their children's coach. They must be willing to relinquish the responsibility for their children to the coach for the period of the contest. Parents should be encouraged to share their concerns with the coach at a special time and place away from the kids.


Printable forms

  • Boy's Basketball Codebook
  • Fastbreak Commitment Form
  • Fastbreak Medical Form
  • Fastbreak Parent Information
  • Fastbreak Tryout Form
  • Fastbreak Friends Form
  • Fastbreak Sponsor Form